Choosing the Right Realtor

Having just completed the sale of a home with almost 3 acres of property in Edgemont and 12,000+ square feet of house, I can confirm that your choice of realtor is the most important factor in the sale of your home. This property had been listed previously, twice in fact, with two different companies.

When I listed this house my concern was the fact that it had not sold in the prior two attempts. However with consistent advertising, targeted internet placement, revolving professional photographs and “outside the box” thinking, we accomplished the goal that had eluded the previous listing agents. Countless emails and follow-up resulted in the sale of the property. Targeted mailings were sent out on a regular basis, google searches turned up even more possibilities and we never stopped looking for other avenues to pursue.

It is commonly known that unique properties take more time to sell. Buyers are out there, it is just a matter of finding the right one and then guiding the transaction to closing. When the property is different from so many on the market, many buyers are reluctant to start the process. The steps appear daunting. They are concerned about obtaining a mortgage and resale in the future.

Please don’t let these fears prevent you from finding your dream home. Unique homes do sell. The process requires a bit more patience on the part of the seller, however the right buyer is out there. Choosing the seller’s agent wisely is the best way to sell your house.


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