How will buyers find your house?

As a realtor I am constantly driving around looking for specific house numbers. It is remarkable to me how many people, including those who have a home on the market, have numbers placed in a manner that makes it difficult to see them from the street.  Having to slow down on the street to read the neighboring numbers does give me a good idea of the other houses on the street.

I always recommend to sellers that the house number be placed in a prominent position so that anyone driving by will see it.  With over 90% of customers starting their search on the internet, many will drive by a property to take a look at the house and area to determine if they want to make an appointment.  We should do everything possible to make it easy for people to find our house, particularly when it is on the market.

Granted, our family and friends know where we live. However we do make new friends, receive deliveries and might even need assistance in an emergency.  Wouldn’t it be easier to have prominent house numbers identifying your property so that everyone who would like to reach you will easily do so? As part of your spring clean-up outside, perhaps you will take a look at the placement of your house number.

Edgemont is my home, my community.  If you would like updates on the market in this area, please email me at  I will be glad to send you email newsletters and updates. I guarantee not to flood your inbox.


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