What You Need Versus What You Want

My first question to a buyer is what do you need versus what you want. 

Reality TV is everywhere, documenting the beginning and ending of relationships, the search for a first home, an international home, a larger home, how to do it yourself to decorate the home, demolish the bathroom, redo the outdoor living space and on and on.  If finances were no object we would all be able to choose our perfect home.  However in the real world, this is not the case.  So after watching all these programs which make the process look so much simpler than it really is, the question remains:

What do you need versus what you want?

The reason for your move often dictates the type of property you need.  Are you a first time home buyer? Are you being transferred for business reasons? Do you want to be close to school, transportation, house of worship, family, medical center? How many family members will be living in the house? Do you want a first floor master bedroom or do you need a room as a nursery right now?  Do you want property to maintain or would you prefer to have a condo or co-op where the maintenance is included in your fees?  Is a pool an attractive amenity or would you prefer a wine cellar?

My role is to listen to your requirements and provide choices within those parameters.  There are over 70 active listings in Edgemont in all price ranges.  The First Quarter Market Report for 2012 will be available right after March 31 and we will be able to compare the start of 2012 with the beginning of 2011.

Edgemont is my home, my community. If you would like updates on the market in this area, please email me at Barbara.Pollack@realliving.com. I will be glad to send you email newsletters and updates. I guarantee not to flood your inbox.


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