Whole House Generators

As the cleanup proceeds after Hurricane Sandy it is evident that any homeowners,
builders and developers will be considering a whole house generator. In addition
to the peace of mind and lack of uncertainty in the event of a power outage, it
will be a selling point for the property.

Fortunately I did not lose powerduring the storm, but I went to sleep on Monday night wondering if there would be power when I woke up. Our increasing dependence on communication deviceswhich run on electricity is never more evident than during an outage.  Evenhaving escaped the storm with minimal damage and power on I am considering a whole house generator because it will eliminate the worry factor. It will also
provide the next owner of my home with the same peace of mind.

From my limited research on the topic, a whole house generator can run on natural gas or
liquefied petroleum gas.  Units differ in fuel efficiency. It can be standby and ready to go at the push of a button or it can have a built in transfer switch for activation as soon as the electric current ceases.  Towns require a permit to install these units.


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