Don’t forget the fridge and freezer in your storm cleanup

There is probably a buy out of baking soda in the supermarket once people have electricity again.  We stock up with food for the time in the house and then throw out much of it because of the power outage.  I purposely didn’t buy frozen food before the storm because I didn’t know if we would have power.

Having just bought a new refrigerator, after a two week gap between the old one stopping function and the second new one being installed (a whole other story), everything in mine is very new.  I use the two hour rule, once the power has been off for 2 hours, the perishable food has to be discarded. I use bottled water for us and the cat just in case the water supply has been impacted by the storm, even to the point of washing those dishes in the bottled water.  How did we manage before bottled water was sold? It is a fairly recent industry so I guess people boiled a lot more water in earlier times.  But without power we would be boiling the water on the barbeque.


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