Closets, Closets & More Closets

Closets, Closets & More Closets | www.edgemontrealestate.wordpress.comAre we approaching the issue of storage and closets in a home from the wrong perspective?

Buyers are always looking for enough storage space. Older homes typically don’t have the storage space of newer homes.  Perhaps this is because the homes built for earlier generations didn’t need to address the same issue, and didn’t have as much stuff to store. Families have lived in older homes for a long time and somehow didn’t need additional storage.

Maybe it is the amount of “stuff” the buyer of today has that makes it difficult to find enough storage. Buyers may have to adjust their needs in order to purchase an older home.  New storage solutions are available today for maximizing closet space. But do we really need all this stuff? Some people discard an item when they buy a new item because they don’t want to accumulate “stuff.”  Installing closet systems can too help reduce the amount of clutter in a home.

Following this line of thinking, there is a vintage re-purposing trend that has has emerged! It has even made it to HGTV. Some artists focus on transforming ordinary items into innovative designs.

What do you think about a chair made from an old suitcase?

How about utensils as door and drawer pulls and hooks?

In reality many of these vintage items can be reused in today’s homes. Vintage items add character and flair. Many retro styles fit into all types of homes when remodeling your older home to look “new,” and more “you.”


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