Time to Sell?

Is it time to sell my own house?

In the last 18 months, we have replaced:

  1. the hot water heater
  2. the dishwasher
  3. the guts of 2 different toilets
  4. the washing machine
  5. microwave
  6. the refrigerator
  7. garage opener

What will stop working next?

It is time to contemplate our next move. It is probably time to plan a move when all the appliances are aging, as are the residents of the home.

It is time for a new family to occupy this house and make it their own.  The adjustable basketball hoop has been up for 25 years, and hasn’t been used since my children moved out. The volleyball net also sits unused in the garage, and rarely coming down are the bicycles hang on the garage ceiling. The play-set has been removed. The collection of balls and outdoor toys have been stashed.

Although it is a shed as far as the town is concerned, my kids called it “the clubhouse.” It was a sleep-over site in the woods, a place to seek shelter from the rain, a haunted house for Halloween and a site for hot chocolate and marshmallows in the winter. It was a hangout place during all seasons, complete with a fire-pit built of rocks. I feels like it is time for children to be running in the yard, and planning there own activities in the “clubhouse.”

My memories will always remain. My husband and children’s memories will always remain. Should it be time for the next family to create their own memories?


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