When a House on Your Street Comes Onto the Market

Realtors say it is difficult to sell a house for a friend; when that friend is a neighbor on your own street it is even more challenging. As friends we could talk about life changes and feel bittersweet together about the memories. This change brings challenges and we could navigate some of them together, planning to laugh about events from a balcony in Florida. However the void of this family departing will remain. Our children grew up together here.

When a House on Your Street Comes onto the Market | www.EdgemontRealEstate.wordpress.com

The character of the street will change with the new family coming, especially onto a street that hasn’t had a new family in 8 or 9 years will change the character of the street. The new family will carve its place among the others on the street. Their children will get to know the others, and possibly remain long enough to grow up together. The older generation of my children is now out on their own, carrying with them the memories of life on our street.

The second part of this transition is that of the price my neighbor receives for her house. This impacts the comparables that will be used when other owners put their house on the market. I have a vested interest in the price of this house being “right” for myself and all the neighbors.   Often realtors see several homes on a block come onto the market together because families have moved in together and are now ready for the next stage in their lives.

On our little street, this change is happening in two houses at the same time. Two different generations are selling, one that came when the street was new and one that came 25 years ago. It came as a surprise to me when I figured out that my house was 21 years old when I moved in, and now 29 years later that house is 50 years old. How did this happen? My family is also 29 years older than when we came here. This is how our street is changing. So maybe it’s simply time for some of us to move to the next stage of our lives. This is how one street is changing.


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