Winter Seller

Now that the holiday season has ended, are you prepared to make a purchase? The end of 2014 was very busy with serious buyers making their decisions. Several of my clients had unexpected bidding wars throughout December.

Looking now in January has some unexpected pluses. More motivated sellers, less frenzy in the marketplace and perhaps a more favorable deal. The seller won’t have to heat the house for the winter, or remove snow. You can see the property condition under adverse weather conditions. Several properties have come on in the past few days, the market is beginning early. Don’t miss out on your new home!

Start Staging Your Home Now!
If you are planning on a sale this year, now is a great time to begin your staging preparations; change the carpet or refinish the floors. Begin to pack away items that will go with you and give away or sell those that will not be in your new home. Do you have family members who have always admired some of your items?  It clears the space in preparation for selling and makes you smile when thinking of the place of honor in their home.  Repaint the spaces that need refreshing.  Clean the windows inside in the winter, repair the shades, remove the wallpaper, put in that new sink. Complete your interior projects so that you can be ready for outdoor ones once Spring arrives.

Coming onto the market in early Spring makes you stand out before the crowd.


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