What Do the Seasons Mean?

It has been said that life is a cycle. And our homes are part of this cycle.

Buyers always ask why is a seller moving? They are looking for that tidbit of information that may save them money if they can determine the reason for the sale. But often it is because it is time to do so. If there is a season for everything in life then there is a season for selling too.

I read about people finding spring cleaning to be a time to remember loved ones. The furniture that is handed down through the generations reminds one of the family around the table including those who are no longer with us. They are in our hearts. The planning and planting of the garden reminds us of family events. The decorating of a home for the holidays, bringing out little used dishes and tablecloths reminds us of loved ones and the years past in our home. Celebrating the New Year and planning next year’s resolutions are all part of the makings of a home full of memories. The memories remain with us no matter where we move.


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