Which Real Estate Office is Right for You?

Does the location of the Real Estate office you are using to sell you house make a difference?
A week ago a potential seller told me that they wanted to list with a local office in their neighborhood because it would be better for them.
Sellers don’t realize that the main job of the realtor is to present the house to as many potential buyers as possible. Relying on local walk in traffic is a tactic of the past.  Buyers are looking online for their homes and then contacting a realtor.  92% of buyers start their search online. So if my listings are online at hundreds of sites, the likelihood of a buyer seeing this listing is high and the buyer will then contact me.
Choose a realtor who will market your house extensively on the internet, as well as sending out targeted emails, regular mail and a sign in front of the house.
The location of the Real Estate office should not effect the real estate agent you choose. If the agent is good, it will not matter where their office is located..

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