Ties That Bind

I used my grandmother’s vase to start an amaryllis bulb for the holidays and memories flooded over me. The same thing happens when I use her wine glasses to entertain. These items are beautiful, old fashioned, vintage and antique and hold a special place in my heart. They are meaningful, as I picture my grandparents with them.
29 years ago last month my family purchased this house, from the original owners who had lived here for 21 years and made it their home. While we never thought we would be in the house this long, it quickly became a home. Over time, it has become even more difficult to leave. The memories will accompany us to our next home, along with my grandparents’ vase and glasses. This will forever be the home my children grew up in, the street they played on, and hold memories I will forever treasure.
These memories are at the essence of cleaning a house out to sell. Which items should one carry along, which should I give to my children to treasure and which should I donate to be used in a different home? It is very difficult to clear out a house after living there for so many years because it is my home. Buyers purchase a house to make it into a home. These ties are bound, and each item holds a different memory. The items within my home make it difficult unbind, and more difficult to leave.

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