How To Find The Perfect House That Fits All Your Requirements

Many buyers, especially first time home-buyers are looking for a house that meets all their requirements. While we know that “location, location, location” is the most important factor in real estate, the property prices in Westchester are driven by the quality of the school district and the proximity to New York City.

Being specific as to number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, lot size and if there is fence or not for the dog, makes searching quite difficult. We can change many facets of a house, but not the location. When realtors suggest focusing on the area in which home-buyers want to live first, we are often met with comments that the buyer wants to focus on the house first.

We create our homes, we make them our own! We can install a fence, plant flowers and eventually expand a house. However we can not change the traffic pattern on the neighboring streets, the view across the road and the access to transportation or schools that is of paramount importance.

As a home-buyer, firstly you should determine which town, or specific area of a town, in which you want to live. It will make life for you and your realtor much easier. Remember, you cannot change the location of your home, but you could change anything in and around the house in which you purchase. Contact Barbara Pollack once you have determined the best location to suite your family’s desires.


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