Have You Met Your New Neighbors?

As buyers evaluate their reasons for purchasing a home and moving to an area, they often don’t think about the people who already lived there. Who we’re the prior occupants of their new home? Where they well liked in the neighborhood? Did they get along well with everyone else? Or did they have loud parties, with tons of cars blocking up the road, making everyone that lives on the street glad that they left?

Recently, I was at a house party for my clients who had purchased their home about a year ago. I saw their beautiful kitchen and dining room renovations and I met many of their neighbors. The neighbors thanked me for bringing such a wonderful people onto their street. I realized that we don’t usually look at the impact on the people already living in a neighborhood. How do they feel about the new owners? How welcoming are they to the new occupants of the home?

The prior home owner had been there for over 30 years, so this was a big change for the block. And while the neighbors clearly missed the prior home owner, they were very welcoming to the new owners and were glad to have been invited into their home.


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