The Price Tag For Living In New York’s Top-Rated School Districts recently ranked thousands of school districts based on dozens of statistics and 27 million opinions from 300,000 students and parents. Read how this ranking was calculated here.

The Price Tag For Living In New York's Top-Rated School Districts

Several Westchester schools ranked among top 100 school districts in New York, with neighboring communities scoring near the top of the list. The top five local schools that scored well include Rye City School District, Rye; Chappaqua Central School District, New Castle; Scarsdale School District, Scarsdale; Edgemont School District, Greenburgh; Byram Hills Central School District, North Castle.

What does it cost to live in these school districts?
Here are the median home prices, according to

Rye—$1.1 million

Chappaqua—$1.2 million

Scarsdale—$1.5 million


Byram Hills—$769,000

Image via Shutterstock


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