What Does a Closing Date Mean

The closing date included in a contract is not etched in stone. It is an “on or about date” that is the goal of all parties to attain.  While it is difficult for both buyer and seller to anticipate an unconfirmed date in the future, the reality is that the date can not be set until the buyer has met all the loan obligations and has been cleared to close. It is then dependent on the attorneys for both sides and the lender’s representative.
The seller doesn’t always have another place to go prior to the closing and often needs the proceeds from the sale of the property to purchase the next home.  The buyer may be in a similar position.
In preparation for the closing date is the requirement that the seller clear the house of all possessions, including those not used for years and stored away in the attic and basement. Once the contract has been signed by both parties, the seller should begin the process of clearing out any items not making the move to the next home.  Many sellers have a head start on this process because they decluttered in preparation for showing the house. However the two are the not the same, every closet, drawer, nook and cranny must be emptied. That old antenna in the attic, the long forgotten gifts stored up there, extra carpet, baby stuff, tv boxes, etc must all be removed. Keep in mind the couch that was assembled in the room, the treadmill that was put together once inside the space, It is an overwhelming job at any time, even more so when you have a deadline looming. Plan accordingly, most of those items can be disposed of well before the closing date is set.
On the other end the seller needs to set aside time to get settled into their new home, it is even more overwhelming to keep running between properties to clear one out and move into the other.
Plan ahead and the move will be easier on everyone. Let your Realtor assist you with the coordination of the details and the timeline.

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