Men Are Having More Say in Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are getting a more masculine touch. Men increasingly are spending equal time in the kitchen as women and a growing number are reportedly becoming the main chef at home, The Washington Post reports. As such, they’re having a greater say in the kitchen design.

Gen X men – born between 1961 and 1981 – cook an average of about eight meals a week, which is nearly as often as women, according to a 2012 study by the University of Michigan.

So how are men influencing kitchen design? Men are bringing in more contemporary styles, such as flat-front cabinetry, bolder colors, contrasting-color palettes, and upgraded appliances, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association. NKBA researchers find that men spend about 30 percent more on kitchen appliances than women.

“It used to be that the husband would attend early meetings about a kitchen remodel and be tough on the numbers, but otherwise the wife would take charge,” Nadia Subaran, co-founder of Aidan Design, told The Washington Post. “That’s really changed dramatically the last few years, and now in many cases the husband is the main cook and decision-maker.”

Blue Arnold, principal of Kitchens by Request in Jarrettsville, Md., told The Washington Post a big difference he sees between his male and female clients is that men want “experiential cooking like Bobby Flay, with big and bold kitchens and big and bold cooking that blends outdoor and indoor cooking techniques.” He’s noticed his male clients tend to go for things like six-inch thick chopping blocks and a special pizza oven and ask questions like how many BTUs the broiler has.

“For one couple I worked with, the husband wanted the kitchen to be like a showplace where his wife and their guests can watch him cook when they are entertaining,” says Arnold. “He wanted an island with seating for his guests, a butcher block section and a wire-scraped granite section and a glass-front fridge like he has seen on TV.”

Source: “A More Masculine Taste in Kitchens,” The Washington Post (Nov. 10, 2016)

So this leaves a big question, who cooks the most in your household?


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