Westchester Top 2017 Suburban Market, Real Estate Pros Predict

Real estate professionals predict Westchester will be a top place for homebuyers looking outside New York City in 2017, according to a new study.

Westchester will be the top choice for homebuyers looking outside New York City in 2017, surpassing New Jersey and Long Island, according to a new survey .

Real estate data provider PropertyShark said its clients, New York City real estate pros, predict that about 49 percent of homebuyers will look beyond the five boroughs, with most mentioning Westchester County as the place to go to. Respondents cited Yonkers as a real estate market “that could answer the needs of priced-out buyers looking for a quiet location and more living space,” according to the study.

David Gerts, a New York real estate broker, confirmed the trend of homebuyers looking beyond the city. “Rising energy costs and low inventory will force home buyers further into rural areas. Transportation and access to NYC will be a major factor in the decision-making process for first-time homebuyers as they are forced further away.”

PropertyShark did not say how many real estate professionals responded to its polling to make up for the basis of the study.


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